This Grand Prix Photo-finish System builds on the components of the Championship Elite Package: an IAAF-compliant wireless start system, wind gauge, remote control lens functions, remote control camera adjustment, and alphanumeric scoreboard. The Grand Prix package also includes an AirLynx wireless network and an EtherLynx Vision PRO camera–the most powerful photo-finish timing camera available today. The Vision PRO captures 3,000 frames per second and includes premium add-ons like LuxBoost low-light capture mode, electronic filter control, the Video Display Module, on-board level, internal battery, and more. The camera also comes with a Wi-Fi upgrade so you can transfer results wirelessly over the network. The combination of high-speed images, wired/wireless operation, and a host of other premium add-ons make the Vision PRO a world-class timing option. Choose the Grand Prix package for an elite, IAAF-approved timing system.

The Grand Prix Photo-finish System includes:

• Primary Camera: EtherLynx Vision PRO, 3,000 fps, 2,048 vertical pixels, colour, timer-enabled
• LuxBoost Low-Light Capture Mode
• Wireless-Enabled Option for Wi-Fi Transfers
• Video Display Module for HDMI Display Output
• Internal Battery Pack and Camera Level Options
• Electronic Filter Control
• C-Mount, 12-75mm Motorized Zoom Lens
• Second Camera: EtherLynx Vision, 2,000 fps upgrade, 1,280 vertical pixels, colour, timer-enabled
• LuxBoost Low-Light Capture Mode
• Video Display Module for HDMI display output
• Internal Battery Pack & Camera Level Options
• C-Mount, f1.2, 8-48mm Motorized Zoom Lens
• IdentiLynx Full-Frame Video Camera (30 fps, 720p)


• AirLynx Wireless Gateway/Amplified Antenna
• Lynx 1-Sided 168×336 Pixel LED Video Display
• 4-Digit LED Wind Display & Countdown Timer
• Ultrasonic Wind Gauge (IAAF-compliant)
• SeriaLynx (Wired/Wireless) Network Adapter
• Remote Lens & Remote Camera Positioner (x2)
• RadioLynx Wireless Start System (x2)
• All-inclusive Power, Ethernet, & Start Cable Set (x2)
• Tripods, Mounting Hardware, & 3m+ Professional Tripod
• Lynx Tech Support & 1-Year Renewable Warranty


ResulTV Live Data Display Software
FinishLynx Photo-Finish Software
• Network COM Port Plug-in
• Automatic Capture Mode (ACM) Plug-in
• RadioLynx Wireless Start Plug-in
• LapTime Plug-in
• LynxPad Meet Management Software