Each Large LED Video Infield Display panel is 2 meters long by 1 meter high and provides high-visibility text, images, or animated graphics for superior fan engagement in large indoor or outdoor venues. The panels are mounted on a custom-designed aluminium frame and each LED scoreboard can receive data independently over an HDMI connection. Multiple scoreboards can also be connected with an Ethernet cable to broadcast a single video/graphic feed simultaneously to several displays located across the infield.

LED Video Software Compatibility

The displays are compatible with the ResulTV live display software, FieldLynx field event software, the Video Display Module for EtherLynx Vision cameras, or any custom software capable of outputting graphics to an HDMI-connected display. Infield displays can connect to a laptop or netbook to show live field event scores and measurements using the FieldLynx software. Finish line displays can connect to ResulTV for advanced broadcast-ready graphics, or display race results and images directly from FinishLynx cameras using the Video Display Module.

Video Display Module on Lynx Cameras

The 1, 2, and 3-sided displays can connect directly to an EtherLynx Vision series photo-finish camera running the Video Display Module to display live finish times, results, custom text, and even FinishLynx results images directly from the camera’s HDMI output.  The VDM plug-in uses custom scoreboard scripts to output live race data and the options can be controlled from inside the FinishLynx software interface. Select images, send custom messages, or edit the display layout with a click of the mouse.

Construction & Frame

The premium aluminium frame offers solid, weatherproof construction and a lightweight design. Plus, the optional wheel assembly for the 2 and 3-sided units makes it easy to move the display within the infield or transport it between events. The large LED Video infield display panels fit snugly into the aluminium frame and the rear connections are easily accessible during setup. The frame also includes removable vinyl panels to cover the rear of each display. Because the display units are modular, a 1-sided display can be turned into a 2 or 3-sided at a later date if necessary. Any of the four modular LED panels can also be swapped out or replaced at any time.

Key Features

  • Large 168×336-pixel panels produce high-visibility graphics suitable for outdoor events
  • Weatherproof design protects the LED hardware from harsh weather conditions
  • Custom aluminium frame supports the LED panels and provides a polished, professional design
  • Removable vinyl cover protects connections and provides easy access to the internals
  • Seamless data integration with FinishLynx cameras and software
  • HDMI input is compatible with most graphic display programs
  • Connect multiple display units using an Ethernet cable
  • Modular design means you can choose any combination of 1, 2, or 3-sided displays