ResulTV software can display any FinishLynx data (including athlete names, times, ID numbers, lane assignments, and affiliation). The software is also compatible with FieldLynx, ReacTime, and many 3rd-party meet management programs, which allows users to output start lists, athlete splits, running times, and live results.

ResulTV is designed to be an operator-free program that displays results data dynamically by using pre-configured layouts. But at more complex events, it’s also possible to have several ResulTV layouts active simultaneously so operators can toggle between layouts with a simple click.

This ability for customization means that operators can produce sophisticated, event-branded graphics for even the most complex sporting events. That’s why ResulTV has been trusted at the highest levels of competition, including the USATF National Championships and US Olympic Trials.

  • User-configurable graphics and layouts
  • Supports both static and dynamic text fields
  • Supports both static and dynamic 24-bit graphics
  • Supports live results and running times
  • Supports multiple data sources (FinishLynx, LynxPad, ReacTime, etc.)
  • Supports most 3rd-party meet management programs
  • Supports PAL and NTSC formats
  • Supports full range of Windows fonts
  • Supports foreign language characters (Chinese, Korean, Russian etc.)
  • Supports transparent images and overlays

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