The Championship Photo-finish System is an all-inclusive, single camera-system, building on the components of the Competition Elite Package. In addition to the cameras, the package also includes a scrolling Scoreboard/Display, an IAAF approved wind gauge, an IAAF-compliant wireless start system, and a remote camera positioner – all of which are controlled from the FinishLynx software.

The Championship Photo-finish System includes:

• Camera: EtherLynx Vision, 2,000 frames/second, full colour images, timer-enabled, fully upgradeable
• EasyAlign Full-Frame Video Alignment Mode
• High-Resolution Option (2,000 fps x 1280 pixels of image height)
 C-Mount f1.2, 8-48mm Motorized Zoom Lens
• IdentiLynx Full-Frame Video Camera (30 fps, 720p)
• Ultrasonic Wind Gauge (IAAF compliant)
• 9-Digit Alphanumeric LED Display (with tripod, bag and charger)
• Remote Lens
• Remote Camera Positioner
• RadioLynx Wireless Start (Receiver & Transmitter)
• All-inclusive Power, Ethernet, & Start Cable Set
• Tripod & Mounting Hardware for Precision Adjustment
• Built-in Interface to Scoreboards and Wind Gauges
• Full-Access to Lynx Technical Support
• 1-Year Renewable Warranty
FinishLynx Photo Finish Software
• Automatic Capture Mode (ACM) Plugin
• RadioLynx Wireless Start Plugin
• LynxPad Multi-Language Meet Management Software