The Lynx Ultrasonic Wind Gauge is housed in a robust, corrosion-free polycarbonate casing. It is small, lightweight, and operates flawlessly in harsh environmental conditions. It also has no moving parts, ensuring maintenance-free operation throughout the year. The wind gauge package also comes equipped with a tripod, carrying case, and a 60 meter serial connection cable for great mobility and easy setup.

Key features include:

  • IAAF-Compliant Technology*
  • 0-60m/s (116 knots) Wind Speed
  • Direct RS232 connection to FinishLynx hardware
  • Maintenance-free and Corrosion-free Design
  • Ultrasonic Wind Gauge comes with TripodCarrying Case, and 60 meter Connection Cable (and controller if Standalone option chosen)
  • Optional stand-alone or  integration with Finishlynx / FieldLynx Software