TV Shows

It’s not everyday that someone needs our input for a TV show or commercial, but here at HS Sports we’ve certainly had our fair share of them over the years. It’s indicative of the innovative and flexible approach we apply to all of our work, and usually for the most random and diverse of requirements… often with fairly minimal notice and development time!

Top Gear 

2020 saw the creation of the wall of death by the Top Gear team. The presenters competing to see who could rack up the fastest speed in their salvaged cars, while pulling an astonishing four times the effect of normal gravity.

We enjoyed three whole series of the celebrity challenge show “The Games”, as well as working with giants like “Top Gear”, and at the other end of the spectrum we took to the arena for the “Only Fools on Horses” production. For those that remember it we were also involved with the long-running “Superstars” and “Kickstart” shows, and the BBC’s acclaimed “Born to Win” series that set out to unearth the future of sporting talent in the UK.

Famous & Fearless

2011 was the Channel 4 spectacular “Famous and Fearless” where a selection of celebrities were challenged to a series of fast, dangerous and downright crazy challenges. This was a really enjoyable yet formidable experience for us, needing to adapt technology, software and techniques to deliver what was needed to produce live results for everything from demolition derby’s to inline speed skating.

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