The lap counter comes complete with two programs:

• Count-down Laps: From an pre-set value you count down until zero. After zero the lap counter returns to the pre-set value.
• Count-up Laps: Each time you press the button the display counts up by one lap.

The lap counter has an automatic power saving function (which switches off the LED’s) to save the batteries. After 10 minutes if the display button has not been used the display automatically activates the power save mode. To activate the lap counter again just push the button.

Alge D-LC LED Lap Counter Models:

Model Figure Height Reading Distance No. of Digits No. of Sides Bell
D-LC2-15-1 150mm 70m 2 1 No
D-LC2-15-2 150mm 70m 2 2 No
D-LC2-15-3 150mm 70m 2 3 No
D-LC2-25-1 250mm 120m 2 1 No
D-LC2-25-2 250mm 120m 2 2 No
D-LC2-25-3 250mm 120m 2 3 No
D-LC3-15-1 150mm 70m 3 1 No
D-LC3-15-2 150mm 70m 3 2 No
D-LC3-15-3 150mm 70m 3 3 No
D-LC3-25-1 250mm 120m 3 1 No
D-LC3-25-2 250mm 120m 3 2 No
D-LC3-25-3 250mm 120m 3 3 No
Optional Bell No