The IdentiLynx SR (Standard Resolution) camera captures up to 1280 x 960 pixels at 30 fps and offers several improvements over past IdentiLynx models. The camera includes an auto-iris motorized lens so the zoom and focus can be adjusted remotely within the FinishLynx software. In addition, it comes with auto-Iris which automatically adjusts, leaving one less thing to worry about during an event. This model is exceptionally sturdier than past models and is water-resistant, protecting the lens and rear connections from moisture and damage better than ever. Set up the IdentiLynx SR at your finish line and start capturing high-definition, time-stamped videos at all your races.

  • Remotely adjust the camera’s zoom and focus within the FinishLynx software to optimize image quality.
  • IdentiLynx SR video is automatically time-synced with the photo-finish image – clicking on a finish line capture will instantly show the corresponding front-facing video frame.
  • IdentiLynx SR videos can be advanced and rewound frame-by-frame to ensure timers can find frames with a clear bib/hip number. Videos can also be reviewed in real time while the race is still underway.
  • Overlay athlete names, times, and affiliations on the video frames from inside FinishLynx.
  • IdentiLynx cameras can be used with the Automatic Capture Mode (ACM) plug-in.
  • FinishLynx enables the standard EtherLynx camera features to be used with IdentiLynx cameras, including zoom, automatic scrolling, gamma, brightness, and contrast adjustment.
  • IdentiLynx SR video images are stored on the computer as individual images and can be printed directly from the FinishLynx software, either with or without included results.
  • IdentiLynx videos can be manually cropped, viewed in forward or reverse, viewed at different speeds, exported to AVI format, and uploaded to the internet if desired.