The Alge Timy 3 features an internal Wireless Timing Network modem, which allows it to connect to other WTN series devices via radio. For example it can can receive start impulses, intermediate times and finish impulses, control a display board and send data to a PC with result software without the need for hard cables.

The Alge Timy 3 comes complete with a internal 12V battery, which allows it to operate without a mains supply for prolonged periods of time.  It also has a number of connections for communication with external devices, such as a USB interface for connection to a PC, display board, an RS232 and an RS485 interface

Wireless Features

  • 2.4 Ghz radio module
  • Variable power output from 10-100 mW
  • 16 adjustable frequencies and 5 timing channels, for data transmission up to 350m

Models Available

  • Timy 3WP — Top-of-the-line Timy with integrated printer and thermo-compensated quartz crystal
  • Timy 3W — same as above but without a printer; unit is compatible with P5 printer as an add-on (to be FIS-approved the timer must have an attached printer, either integrated or direct-cable connection)

To view the full range of user manual please visit the manufacturers website