The Mylaps ProChip Smart Decoder is a small, lightweight and affordable timing device, which can easily be carried onto an airplane as hand luggage . It allows for the easy connection of a modem and powerbank, which then provides great flexibility, without having to worry about missing any passings.

Key Features of the Mylaps ProChip Smart Decoder

✔ Small design: 21 x 17 x 10 cm​
✔ Lightweight – 1.7kg​
✔ Affordable​ device
✔ Suitable for hand luggage on airplanes (according to IATA rules)​
✔ Compatible with Timing & Scoring, existing ProChip decoders and all existing​ ProChip transponders
✔ Extend operating time with a powerbank​
✔ Updating the Firmware has never been easier – update is pushed when connected to the internet​
✔ NEW: Connect to CCNet via WiFi​
✔ NEW: Noise Frequency Overview​