The Silver BMX Photo-finish Timing System Package contains two major improvements over the entry-level Bronze system: a higher-resolution Vision camera and wireless start system.  The EtherLynx Vision with High Resolution is one of the most versatile photo-finish cameras available in cycling today. It captures colour, time-stamped results images at up to 2,000 frames per second and 1,280 pixels of vertical resolution. The Vision camera comes standard with EasyAlign video alignment mode for easy setup on the finish line. The camera also includes several premium upgrades like LuxBoost low-light capture mode, an on-board level, and an internal battery backup to prevent issues during power loss.

The Silver BMX Photo-finish Timing Package also includes the RadioLynx wireless start system. RadioLynx allows the FinishLynx system to wirelessly interface with your third-party starting gate, eliminating the need to run start-signal wires across the length of the track. The package also has powerful software plugins for RadioLynx, Time Trial Mode, and Automatic Capture Mode (ACM). And of course, the package includes the IdentiLynx head-on video camera and all the other necessary mounting hardware, cables, software, and technical support you need to run a UCI-approved photo finish system at your next race.