The LinkGate Radio System can be used in combination with the Racetime2 and REI Pro chronometers and also allows remote control of the MicroTAB alphanumeric displayboards and the MicroGRAPH graphic displayboards.

To meet the various requirements of the world of timing, Microgate has created three families of LinkGate products, all of which feature an embedded radio module:

• LinkGate DecRadio and EncRadio (multi-frequency) in the 10 or 500 mW versions. A range of up to 9 km (in the 500 Mw version) guarantees it can be used across different sporting disciplines. The system also has the ability to change the radio frequency on which it operates. External radios can be connected on request.

• DecRadio SF and EncRadio SF (single frequency) in the 10 or 500 mW versions. A range of up to 9 km (in the 500 Mw version) again allowing for a wide range of use. The radio frequency used for operation cannot be varied. EncRadio SF is also installed in the Polifemo-Radio SF photocells.

• DecRadio Light only in the 10 mW version. With a range of about 400 metres, it is ideal for training in team sports, athletics, etc. The EncRadio-Light transmitter is embedded only in the Polifemo-Radio-Light photocells.


LinkGate Radio System Specification:

EncRadio MF SF MF 500 SF 500 Polifemo
Module Power 10 mW 10 mW 500 mW 500 mW 10 mW
Transmission of Competitor No. x x x x
Frequency from 433.875 MHz to 434.650 MHz with 32 channels x x
Output to MicroTab/Graph display x x
Wireless distance 2 km 2 km 9 km 9 km 2 km
Types of impulse start-stop-lap x x
Transmission of Start impulse only x x x
Channel Selection x x x x x
Available only embedded in Polifemo Light photocell x