The Gold Rowing Timing System Package is the most comprehensive rowing and paddling timing solution available today. Not only does this system include the high-resolution EtherLynx Vision PRO camera, but the advanced split timing and network components provide more options for professional data capture, display, and distribution. The package includes the Wi-Fi option for the Vision PRO to enable wireless camera connectivity. It comes with the RadioLynx wireless start system and a sophisticated Chronometer with remote, button-activated split generation devices for every lane and every split point. It also includes ResulTV live results display software and several FinishLynx plug-ins, all of which are seamlessly integrated for fast and error-free results.

The REI Pro Chronometer and LinkPod units contribute to sprints and head races because they provide a convenient solution for measuring individual split-times, even at long distances. The ResulTV software allows you to send your real-time data to any network displays, and from the administration tent to the announcer or broadcaster booths. The Gold Package integrates all these components to create a photo-finish solution fit for even the most advanced rowing and paddling events. Discover why federations around the world trust FinishLynx