The Field Championship Elite Scoring System Package add a major advance to the Competition-level packages – LaserLynx Electronic Distance Measurement. Section of the IAAF Facilities Manual recommends a system with an angular accuracy of ± 10 angular seconds and a measured distance accuracy of ± 0.005m – the LaserLynx unit supplied with this package is even more accurate than these specifications.

Integrating the LaserLynx Electronic Distance Measurement unit with the handheld computers running the FieldLynx event management program is as easy as selecting an option in a menu – all the settings and program requirements are loaded automatically. At the event level, the FieldLynx software is pre-programmed with the offset radii for all the standard events ~ shot put, discus, javelin, hammer, etc. ~ and the unit can measure, calculate and display an athlete’s mark in a matter of seconds. For even greater versatility, the Championship Elite Field package adds an additional IAAF compliant wind gauge (total of 2), two infield display boards (total of 4) and a LaserLynx Electronic Distance Measurement system (total of 2).