The Colorado Otter Scoreboard is available in either a 6, 8 or 10 lane configuration.

Colorado Otter Scoreboard Features

  • Integrated internal antenna allows for reliable wireless communication to any GEN7 timing console or WA-2 connected to a System 6 console
  • RS-232 data jacks are located on the bottom or rear of the scoreboard for wired RS-232 communication with the Gen7/System 6 timing console
  • Integrated internal antenna provides reliable communication from Dolphin timing systems


  • High visibility red LED digits automatically adjust to ambient light to provide optimal viewing
  • 5″ (12.7cm) digit height
  • High-strength polycarbonate digit covers protect digits and antenna from weather and impact


  • Scoreboard assembly consists of a single 5052-alloy aluminium display chassis with internal digit brackets
  • Scoreboard is shipped as one piece for ease of handling and installation


A variety of mounting options allow for the scoreboard to be mounted directly to a flat wall, corner wall, vertical beam, or portable caddy.  Mounting tabs are attached to the board in one of three locations.  Simply lift the display into place, where it is then easily bolted to the wall or other support structure.  Refer to the Installation Guide for more information regarding mounting procedure and details.