The Colorado Dolphin Timing System has three modes of operation:

Semi-Automatic Timing (Electronic synchronized start/manual stop)
Connect the starter unit to any CTS electronic start system, such as the Infinity Start System. All watches will start timing with the start system signal. Each watch stops when the lane timer stops it.

Manual synchronized start/manual stop
The official with the starter unit starts all watches in conjunction with the whistle. Each watch stops when the lane timer stops it.

Manual start/manual stop
This mode is used for collecting backup times at major events, and is compliant with all swimming ruling bodies’ (FINA, NCAA, USS, NFHS, YMCA) requirements for backup timing. Lane timers start and stop the watches independently for a fully manual system.

In all three operation modes, finish times are wirelessly transmitted and recorded.

The Colorado Dolphin Timing System includes:

  • Handheld wireless stopwatches for each lane (the system supports up to 3 lane timers per lane, and up to 10 lanes)
  • Starter unit for synchronized manual or electronic starts
  • Base unit, which connects via USB cable to your laptop running your meet management program
  • Dolphin software

Dolphin supports multiple split times (up to 10 per race, per participant) for use in competition and training. Split times are displayed on the scoreboard and keep the audience involved during the course of the event.
At the conclusion of each race, a log file is created and can be reviewed at a later time by the coaches and athletes.

The latest software can be found on Colorado Time Systems website