All Alge PR1A Photocells can be universally with a reflector or as sender and receiver photocell.  The photocell is also available with integrated WTN wireless radio module (2.4 GHz), which includes up to 15 different radio channels and 5 varying impulse channels.  If the WTN module is selected it allows the photocell to wirelessly connect to other WTN devices within the vicinity, such as a TIMY 3 timer.

With its rugged, weatherproof casing and extendable cover the photocell is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Alge PR1A Photocell Features

  • Impulse accuracy up to 1/10,000 seconds
  • Use solely as a reflector photocell (25 m) or as sender or as receiver part (150 m/500 feet).
  • Battery or cable powered
  • Option to synchronise two senders for main and backup operation
  • Option to adjust the delay time manually
  • Models PR1a: without WTN module
  • Models PR1aW: with WTN module
  • Both models are available in different sets with varying accessories