The Rowing Silver Timing System is a mid-level solution from Lynx that contains everything you need to capture clear and accurate time-stamped finish line images. The Silver Package includes the EtherLynx Vision PRO zoom lens. It not only captures 1,000 frames per second, but also boasts a vertical image resolution of 2,048 pixels–meaning no finish line is too wide to be covered. The Vision PRO also includes EasyAlign video alignment, an on-board level, LuxBoost low-light capture mode, and Electronic Filter Control for excellent flexibility in difficult light conditions.

The Silver Package also includes the RadioLynx wireless start system. RadioLynx is extremely popular among rowing timers because it allows an accurate start signal to be sent wirelessly to a finish line located up to 5 km away. The Silver Package is an excellent solution for rowing, canoe, kayak, and dragon boat races. It combines a powerful timing camera, wireless start system, and everything else you need to produce fast and accurate results at any size competition.