One of the great benefits of using Mylaps Orbits 5 Software is it’s versatility: it is used for car and motorbike racing, kart racing, cycling, MX and more. Built for the future Orbits 5 helps you make full use of the features of the new X2 System. The X2 System gives a whole new perspective to racing, as it is capable of more than timekeeping alone.

Mylaps Orbits 5 Software Features

  • The Basic edition: supports 1 timeline and provides everything that is needed to perform the basics of timekeeping.
  • The Standard version: supports 5 timelines, is based on the current version of Orbits 4 and is designed to serve the majority of the timekeepers, clubs and race tracks. One of the features of the standard version is the Announcer Page.
  • The Advanced version: supports 15 timelines targets semi-professional timekeepers and race tracks.