Simply slide the keyboard insert into your Colorado Wireless Tabletop Controller and additional software packages allow you to run multiple sports on your scoreboard with the same controller, or operate multiple scoreboards with one controller. Configurable defaults allow customizing to your league rules including alternate shot/play clock times. The controller supports the external Run/Stop/Reset unit to allow for additional clock operators.  The Run/Stop/Reset units are optional accessories for the wireless tabletop controller.  They allow a second or third operator to assist in controlling game time and shot time for water polo, basketball, hockey, and lacrosse.  For football, they allow the additional operators to assist in controlling game time and play clock time.

The controller is compliant with FINA rules Amendment #1: Rule WP20 for Water Polo.

The time keeper recording the possession time shall reset the clock to 20 seconds when

a)  the ball is put into play after awarding a corner throw

b)  after a rebound after a shot which does not cause change of possession and

c)  after an exclusion

The Colorado Wireless Tabletop Controller will work with the Otter Scoreboards and also Colorado LED Video Screens