The Colorado Pro Pace Clock comes with three different operating modes;

Basic pace clock
Where the unit will operate as a standalone pace clocks, or set to run in a series of pace clocks with or without a timing console or controller. Every pace clock in a series displays the same information.

Shot Clock
Choose the Pro Pace Clock / Shot Clock, or the PC-PORTABLE version of the Basic Pace Clock for Water Polo Shot Clock functionality. Shot clocks must be connected to the timing console. Additional clocks can be added to display game time, time out time, and team scores.

Training Mode
15 training modes to fine-tune skills and create customized workouts. It can also show a variety of display options. The Pro Pace Clock can be used either with or without a timing console or controller.


Colorado Pro Pace Clock Features

 Training Modes

* Many modes require additional equipment for timing input. Contact your salesperson for details, and help in designing your ideal training system.

  • Lap Counter
  • Simple Pace Clock
  • Pace Clock with Cumulative Splits
  • Pace Clock with Lap Splits
  • Relay Exchanges
  • Start Reaction
  • Turn Speed
  • Breakout Time
  • Start Reaction and Breakout Time
  • Single Lane Lap Timer (1, 2, 3, 4 or multiple laps)
  • Mid-Race Timer

Pace Clock Display Modes

The Pro Pace Clocks can display the following information from a System 5 or System 6:

  • All Sports: Time of Day
  • Swimming: Lane times, Event/Heat
  • Training: Lane times
  • Diving: Dive Number & Position, Current Round/Current Diver
  • Water Polo: Game Clock, Shot Clock, Time Out Clock, Team Scores
  • Synchro: Award