The Bronze Road Cycling Photo-finish timing system package offers a clear advantages over other entry-level cycling results systems. The EtherLynx Vision camera in the Bronze Package has a maximum resolution of 2,000 frames per second, compared to only 60 on a conventional video system.

This image on the right shows a margin of victory of only hundredth of a second. It would be nearly impossible to determine the winner on a video or chip system, but with FinishLynx the results are clear. Furthermore, when compared to a transponder or “chip” system the Lynx Bronze Package generates accurate and verifiable results without having to attach a chip to the bike before the race – or worry about collecting it afterwards.

Lynx has integrated these components to create a simple, all-inclusive system that’s not only easy to operate, but portable enough to travel with your club. The high-resolution Vision camera, FinishLynx software, photo finish capture button/cables, and mounting hardware all come standard with the Bronze Package. The EasyAlign video alignment mode and zoom lens  make camera set up fast and easy–and the Lynx carrying case allows for easy transportation and setup. All you need is a laptop and riders to begin using your system.