The Mylaps TR2 Car / Bike Transponder is the latest and most innovative transponder for motorsports. Reliable hardware, easy subscription management via Bluetooth and the Speedhive App, and flexible subscription options to fit your needs.

What’s in the Mylaps TR2 Car / Bike Transponder box:

The TR2 Racer Pack consists of the brand new TR2 Transponder, Bracket and Cradle, everything you need to install and get it working.


  • Easy buying and syncing your subscription with the Speedhive App
  • Easy and free online access to your practice and race results via the Speedhive platform
  • Fully charged in 5 hours
  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) timing systems
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Unlimited warranty during active subscription


Use the TR2 Holder to easily mount the TR2 Transponder on your vehicle. For the best accuracy, make sure to mount your TR2 Transponder as vertical as possible. On a motorcycle, do not mount the TR2 Transponder more than 120cm (4ft) above the ground.