The MicroTAB Light LED can easily be installed onto the roof of a car for marathons, or placed at the finish-line of an athletics track to display winners times.

The display boards has a number of optional plug-ins such as:

• Internal battery
• GPS sensor for accurate time synchronisation
• GSM modem (control via mobile phone, SMS, PC)
• 12/48 V switch for external battery connection

Other features include:

  • LOW BATTERY: Battery status signal LED.
  • SERIAL1: 6-pole Amphenol connector for serial input/output
  • START STOP LAP INPUTS: 6-pole Amphenol connector for START, STOP, and LAP signals
  • FUSE: Fuse cavity
  • SPEAKER: Jack connector for external speaker connection
  • START STOP: Green START STOP button used for manual START and STOP signals and for modifying values in program settings
  • LAP RESET: Yellow LAP RESET button used for manual LAP signals and for confirming program settings
  • POWER: On/Off switch
  • SUPPLY: Neutrik connector for external power supply and battery charging (if used)
  • USB: USB cable connector for firmware updating


Program Table

Name Description MicroGraph MicroTab MicroTab Light
Base Program Waits for commands via serial cable or IP (Ethernet/WiFi) X X X
Internal Program Automatically executes the stored program. X X
Timer Works like a normal 1/100 second precision chronometer. X X X
Speedmeter Measures the speed based on any length. X X
Countdown Displays various countdown types. X X
Clock Displays the time of the internal clock of the display board. X X X X
Date & Clock Displays date and time of the internal clock of the display board. X X X
Lap Timer Timing of lap times. X X
Test Led Checks that the LEDs work correctly. X X X
Self Timer Manages a Self-Timing course (with token machine and optional printer). X X
Self Timer Parallel Manages a Self-Timing parallel course. X X
OSM6 Connection with Omega OSM6 chronometer. X X
Powertime Connection with Powertime chronometer. X X
Alge Connection with Alge chronometer. X X
Omega Connection with Omega chronometer. X X
Stalker Connection with Stalker speedmeter X X
Jugs Connection with Jugs speedmeter X X
Athletic Program for cycle-racing and athletics tracks. X X
Gill Windsonic Connection with the Gill anemometer X X
Parallel Timer Timing for parallel races X X