The Titanium Deck Plate from Colorado Time Systems offer a much improved life-span in comparison to anything else on the market, due to the use of Titanium for the jack connections.   Deck plates include connections for touchpads, A/B/C backup pushbuttons, electronic relay judging, start speakers, and a signal to start the timing device at each lane.

This rugged in-deck solution features of the Titanium Deck Plate include:

Titanium jack connections

  • Corrosion free from pool water chemicals like chlorines and bromines

Unique domed topography

  • Improved connection for banana plugs
  • Peaks and valleys allow the water flow away, dramatically limiting corrosion through electrolysis
  • Better signal, less corrosion
  • Smooth edges
  • Will not discolour in the sun

Integrated speedlight connection

  • No speedlight harness required
  • Robust connection combining speedlight and relay judging signal