The Colorado Relay Judging Platform technology is the most accurate way to judge relay exchanges, and provides a fair start to athletes that are deaf or hard of hearing.

  • Lightweight
  • Universal mounting system compatible with most Starting Block manufacturers
  • Custom logos available
  • Suitable for all athletes, at all levels
  • Dual connector blocks offer flexibility and convenience – connect to either side and customize to your facility
  • Deckside Start Indicator on connector block flashes simultaneously with the start system and Speedlights for a visual cue to backup timers
  • Simplified connection from RJP to cable harness or deck plate – a single connector runs parallel to the RJP to reduce the risk of accidental disconnect when swimmers are stepping up to the block

Colorado Relay Judging Platform Features:

  • Relay Judging:  The RJP allows your Timing Console to automatically compare the incoming swimmer’s finish on the touchpad with the departure of the swimmer leaving the starting block. The RJP provides the necessary information to judge a relay exchange to 1/100th of a second.  The NCAA has declared that automatic relay judging is the fairest and most accurate way to judge relay exchanges. All Division I NCAA Championships must use electronic relay judging.
  • Start Reaction Time:  On every start, the RJP senses when the swimmer leaves the platform and compares the time to the start impulse from the Start System with 1/100th of a second accuracy.
  • Speedlights:  LEDs across the front of the RJPs flash simultaneously with the start tone and strobe light. Twenty high intensity, calibrated LEDs launch the competition from the blocks.  All athletes benefit from the visual signal, which they can easily see without altering their race-ready posture and train for the fastest reaction time humanly possible. Backstrokers will benefit from the visual start signal inches away from their eyes. Speedlights ensure the fairest of starts for athletes that are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Deckside Start Indicator:  An LED is integrated into the connector block on the deck side. The LED flashes simultaneously with the start signal and speedlights to give the deckside backup timers a visual cue, and increase the accuracy of backup times.

The Championship Start System is required to activate the Speedlights and Deckside Start Indicator.

  • Mounting Options:  Mounting is simple; a double strap with a through buckle allows quick set-up and easy removal, and is compatible with most Starting Block manufacturers. Certain Starting Blocks require customized RJPs.