Mylaps Orbits Cycling Software encompasses all of the familiar benefits of the original Orbits application, but with the the following cycling specific features;

  • Multiple categories at the same time during one event
    Race categories can be started and/or finished separately. This makes it possible on a single track to have multiple categories have their own race at the same time, for example male/female or different age categories.
  • Complies UCI print requirements
    Results can easily be printed according to official regulations, for example the UCI regulations.
  • Assign bunch times
    If riders finish in a peloton or same group they receive the same time (‘bunch times’). This makes it possible to assign the exact results during a multi-day event, when results are summed.
  • Primes for point- and King of the Mountain sprints
    With primes for point- and King of the Mountain sprints, different classification can easily be set up during a race.
  • Various race types
    The Mylaps Orbits Cycling Software supports various types of cycling events, including regular road racing, handicap races and time trials.