All data is saved automatically into the Freelap FXSwim Chip and can be displayed live and / or reviewed at a later date.

The Freelap swimming system is ideal for:

• The coach: who receives the data live on his mobile device at the edge of the pool (and can also review later if required). Each Freelap FxSwim transponder has a unique ID number, which lets you monitor several swimmers simultaneously.

• The swimmer himself: who can use a connected watch and a headset to receive the data throughout his training.

Ultra simple to use, the transponder has only one central button to turn the device on. It automatically turns off after 1 minute of inactivity.

Freelap System

Freelap is an innovative automatic timing system made for training. The system is intended for ANY sport for which time is an important issue, made for both an athlete who trains alone, and team coaches.

The Freelap system collects complete, reliable and accurate data on athletes speed. It also provides an advanced wireless solution (detailed analysis of performance).  It automatically transmits live all timing data to your mobile device (thanks to the MyFreelap app) and / or on LED screen, via bluetooth technology.

This completely automated system releases the burden of manual timing.

Convenient, versatile, accurate, wireless and extremely motivational for athletes, Freelap technology is a perfect tool for improvement.

The Freelap Technology

Freelap technology is based on the emission and detection of electromagnetic fields. The electronic timing system consists mainly of 2 elements:

  • Transmitters: Freelap transmitters are placed along the course. They are coded (start, lap or finish) and emit electromagnetic fields.
  • Transponder (chip): worn by the athlete, the transponder detects the pulses of electromagnetic fields as they pass through it, and measures the time intervals between each transmitter.

Timing data is automatically recorded and instantly transmitted upon crossing a finish transmitter, via Bluetooth on your mobile device (using to MyFreelap app – free download on Android and iOS) and / or on LED screen. Data can also be checked on a computer via your account.

MyFreelap App

The Freelap FXSwim chip works directly with other Freelap products in combination with the MyFreelap app.

MyFreelap app is available for FREE download:
On App Store:
On Google Play Store:
It can therefore be used on all types of IOS or Android mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, connected watches)
Compatible mobile devices:
– iOS: iPhone 5 and higher, with iOS 11 and higher
– Android: with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 5.0 and higher.

This app lets you :

  • detect your Freelap devices and start a workout
  • view the results live on your mobile device throughout the workout (Live)
  • collect and save all data collected from your Freelap devices