• The Alge Timy 3 is a compact and easy-to-use electronic timing device with an ergonomic design and proven reliability. The Timy 3 may be small in size, but it makes up for it with the wide range of features, including a wide array of applications, such as speed measurement, lap timer, dual timer, speed climbing and more...
  • Alge P5 Printer - 25pin Connector Alge P5 Printer - DIN Connector
    The Alge P5 Printer is a quiet and fast Thermo-Paper-Printer, which can be used with the TIMY 3 to provide hard copies of times and results.  The printer is available with three different types of connector depending on the device you would like to use it with:
    Type Plug Device
    Printer P5-8 DIN-cube-plug Timer S4, OPTIc, SWIM 2000
    Printer P5-9 9PIN-D PC
    Printer P5-25 D-Sub 25-pin Timy
  • SEIKO SP12 External Printer

    £310.00 (inc. VAT £372.00)
    The SEIKO SP12 External Printer connects directly to a range of SEIKO stopwatches, including the S123, S143 and S149 models.  The printer works in conjunction with the SEIKO S950 Thermal Paper Rolls.
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