• SEIKO KT-601 Desktop Controller Rear SEIKO KT-601 Desktop Controller
    The Seiko KT-601 Sports Counter is a table top scoreboard suitable for multiple sports including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, boxing and wrestling etc. Also can be used as a pacer for training etc. The KT-601  Scoreboard can be operated via remote control or the Back Panel of the unit.
  • Rear of the SEIKO Shot Clocks SEIKO Shot Clocks

    SEIKO Shot Clocks

    £707.50 (inc. VAT £849.00)
    The SEIKO Shot Clocks are portable displays which meet international basketball regulations. The set includes 2 display units, a controller, 2 connection cables and a power cable. The shot clocks feature large, highly visible LED digits, 2 instantly resettable pre-set times, and a buzzer sound when the countdown reaches zero.
  • SEIKO ST306 Display Clock

    £2,082.50 (inc. VAT £2,499.00)
    The SEIKO ST306 display is an intelligent multi-functional timer which operates using 8x AA batteries.  It features count-up, count-down and scoring programs, which makes it ideal for displaying information to spectators, competitors and officials. It's particularly popular for use as a road race clock or for athletics to display the winning time as competitors cross the finish-line.
  • 1.2m Clock Stand

    £300.00 (inc. VAT £360.00)
    1.2m stand for mounting either the Seiko ST306 sports timer, D-Line or GAZ5 display clock.
  • Alge D-CKN Controller Rear Alge D-CKN Controller
    The D-CKN Controller interfaces with Alge multi-sport scoreboards and football/rugby displays, and is used to manage the game times and scoring information.  The controller is available in either a cabled or wireless model.
  • SEIKO ST306 Flight Case

    £516.00 (inc. VAT £619.20)
    Heavy duty flight case for the Seiko ST306 display clock.
  • SEIKO W073 Stopwatch – 10 Memory

    £32.50 (inc. VAT £39.00)
    The Seiko W073 stopwatch features a dual display with 10 lap/split memory. It has a silent timing mode, time/date feature, alarm and is water resistant.
  • SEIKO S062 Solar Stopwatch

    £74.99 (inc. VAT £89.99)
    The SEIKO Solar S062 Stopwatch is a solar stopwatch featuring a lap time/split time memory function that can store and recall up to 100 lap/split time data, a time/calendar function and two separate displays for a double repeat timer function.
  • Out of stock

    SEIKO S141 Stopwatch – 300 Memory

    £200.00 (inc. VAT £240.00)
    The SEIKO S141 Stopwatch is a digital 300 memory stopwatch which features stroke/frequency measuring functions. In addition, it is also water resistant and withstands up to 10 bar, making it ideal for aquatic sports or use in rainy weather.
  • SEIKO S143 Stopwatch – 300 Memory

    £230.00 (inc. VAT £276.00)
    The SEIKO S143 stopwatch is a digital stopwatch featuring a print-out function when connected to an SP12 printer.  The stopwatch is also equipped with a large-sized three-row display panel that can display split times, lap times and total elapsed time, or lap time in progress at the same time in separate rows. In addition the stopwatch is water resistant and can withstand up to 3 bar, making it ideal for aquatic sports or use in rainy weather.
  • SEIKO SP12 External Printer

    £310.00 (inc. VAT £372.00)
    The SEIKO SP12 External Printer connects directly to a range of SEIKO stopwatches, including the S123, S143 and S149 models.  The printer works in conjunction with the SEIKO S950 Thermal Paper Rolls.
  • SEIKO S149 Printing Stopwatch

    £370.00 (inc. VAT £444.00)
    The SEIKO S149 Stopwatch is a time measuring device with an integrated 300x memory. It can record and display lap and split time data, as well as printing information as required using the integrated printer.
  • SEIKO S950 Small Thermal Paper Rolls

    £16.66 (inc. VAT £19.99)
    Genuine SEIKO (S-950) thermal paper for use with the SEIKO S129 & S149 (stopwatches), SP11 & SP12 (printers).
  • SEIKO S951 Large Thermal Paper Rolls

    £20.83 (inc. VAT £25.00)
    Genuine SEIKO (S-951) thermal paper for use with the Large Paper Holder.
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