• Etherlynx Vision Pro Photo-finish Camera - Side Etherlynx Vision Pro Photo-finish Camera
    The EtherLynx Vision PRO photo-finish camera is the perfect addition to an elite-level sports timing system because it combines the user-friendly features of the EtherLynx Vision with the speed and power of the EtherLynx PRO.  It is the first sports timing camera capable of capturing 20,000 frames per second. The Vision PRO comes standard with 3,000 fps captures, LuxBoost4, On-Board Level, and Electronic Filter Control. It is the latest in a long line of EtherLynx cameras and it brings powerful new features to the world of high-speed sports timing.
  • The remote positioner is a camera mounting platform that allows operators to make precision adjustments to the camera remotely from within the FinishLynx software. The remote-control positioner is compatible with all EtherLynx cameras and allows for precise alignment on the finish line using the Pan, Tilt, and Swivel commands.
  • Lynx System Developers - Finishlynx Photofinish Software - Cross Contry Lynx System Developers - Finishlynx Software
    FinishLynx is the world’s most popular and powerful digital photo-finish and sports timing software. When combined with a EtherLynx photo-finish camera, FinishLynx produces time-stamped results images (accurate to .001 or greater) for world-class fully automatic timing. The FinishLynx software also allows users to interface with an endless combination of cameras, scoreboards, and other 3rd-party accessories to create a powerful and secure results network from behind a laptop.
  • ResulTV Software Graphical Output Example - Purple Lynx System Developers - ResulTV Software
    ResulTV is a digital display and graphic generation program that produces live results from FinishLynx timing systems. The Windows-based software allows FinishLynx operators to produce scalable result graphics for output on any compatible graphic display or scoreboard. The ResulTV software can even produce high-quality dynamic images suitable for live broadcast television or internet video streams.
  • The Alge TED Radio System is a long range wireless solution, which can be used for the transmission of start / split or finish impulses from timing points, or to send RS232 data to scoreboards or other devices. The TED radio system is available in different frequencies as required, and operates with 400 mW power.  The system is capable of sending data up to 4.5km in ideal conditions.
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