• Timy 3 Timer Show Jumping Timing System Package
    The Show Jumping Timing System is an FEI approved packaged solution for show jumping events, which can be used in either a cabled or wireless configurations.  The package is made up of the following components:
    TIMY 3 Timer D-Line LED Display
    PR1A-W Photocell WTN-PB
    Equestre Pro Software WTN-DB
  • Timy 3 Timer Cross Country Timing System
    The Cross Country Timing System from Alge Timing is complete solution for the production of results at equestrian events.  The package is made up of the following components:
    TIMY 3 Timer D-Line LED Display
    PR1A Beam ASC3 Start System
    Wireless Hardware Equestre Pro Software
  • The Alge Timy 3 is a compact and easy-to-use electronic timing device with an ergonomic design and proven reliability. The Timy 3 may be small in size, but it makes up for it with the wide range of features, including a wide array of applications, such as speed measurement, lap timer, dual timer, speed climbing and more...
  • Alge TDC8001 Rear View Alge TDC8001
    The Alge TDC8001 printing timer is the culmination of three decades' of experience in the field of sports timing. The timer is extremely robust, flexible, and easy-to-use desktop system which offers industry-leading features in a compact and weatherproof form. The unit comes complete with a number of different software packages designed for different sports and applications.
  • Alge PR1a Photocell Bottom View Alge PR1a Photocell Side View
    The Alge PR1a Photocell is a battery powered device which is used to provide a start, split or finish pulse from a moving object as it passes through the infrared beam.  The opposite reflector can be positioned up to 25m away from the photocell. The PR1a can be used in a two different configurations depending on your requirements: • Photocell with a Reflector (up to 25m between) • Photocell with Photocell (up to 150m between)  
  • The Alge Push Button is a waterproof and rugged push button available with varying cable lengths of cable and different connectors.
  • The new Alge digital start clock is designed with the latest LED technology, and is perfect for a wide range of sporting applications, including; cycling time trials, alpine skiing, biathlon, rally, and more... The display includes an internal battery which allows the start clock to operate independently of power for up to 20 hours.
  • The Alge TED Radio System is a long range wireless solution, which can be used for the transmission of start / split or finish impulses from timing points, or to send RS232 data to scoreboards or other devices. The TED radio system is available in different frequencies as required, and operates with 400 mW power.  The system is capable of sending data up to 4.5km in ideal conditions.
  • Alge P5 Printer - 25pin Connector Alge P5 Printer - DIN Connector
    The Alge P5 Printer is a quiet and fast Thermo-Paper-Printer, which can be used with the TIMY 3 to provide hard copies of times and results.  The printer is available with three different types of connector depending on the device you would like to use it with:
    Type Plug Device
    Printer P5-8 DIN-cube-plug Timer S4, OPTIc, SWIM 2000
    Printer P5-9 9PIN-D PC
    Printer P5-25 D-Sub 25-pin Timy
  • Alge D-Line Display Clock - Main Side Connections Alge D-Line Display Clock
    The Alge D-Line Clock is a very versatile numeric LED display board. It can be used as a standalone unit to display the time of day, a countdown timer, or count up, which is handy for running events.  The display can also be controlled directly via Alge timing devices, or from other third party software applications using the RS232 interface. Using additional accessories the time of day can be set by GPS or DCF, and with the addition of a sensor the temperature can be displayed.  
  • Alge WTN Wireless Timing Network - Front View Alge WTN Wireless Timing Network
    WTN is a worldwide unique wireless timing network with mesh topology. It can transfer timing information as well as serial data and display board information simultaneous. All devices act as transceivers, so no separate transmitters and receivers are necessary.  The more devices you use, the more reliable it gets.
  • The WTN-PB Radio Push Button communicates with one or more WTN devices. The frequency and timing channel are adjustable, and it can also be used as hub to pass on data or timing impulses within the network via the unique mesh topology system. All devices act as transceivers, so no separate transmitters and receivers are necessary.  The more devices you use, the more reliable it gets.
  • Alge D-RTNM Matrix Display - Results Alge D-RTNM Matrix Display
    The Alge D-RTNM Display is a flexible single colour LED matrix board, which is designed to be used as timing display, message board or for advertisement purposes. The display comes with an internal memory, and is capable of displaying re-loaded messages, even small animated films can be shown. The lightweight rugged aluminium case makes transportation easy, and with 100 brightness levels, the display is sure to be seen in all conditions.  
  • Alge Equestre Pro Software User Interface Alge Equestre Pro Software
    Equestre Pro Software is an easy to use, yet complete, timing and event management program for show Jumping, Dressage, Cross-country and Eventing.  Equestre Pro allows the operator to manage the timing and results processing from one laptop, it is also compatible and recognised by the FEI and other national federations. A live results video output can be created when using the Display Equestre Pro Software Disciplines include: CSO, CSI, Dressage and Eventing.
  • Alge Display Equestre Pro User Interface Alge Display Equestre Pro Video Output
    Display Equestre Pro is a software plug-in for the Jumping Pro timing and event management program.  With Display-Equestre-Pro you can broadcast in real time event ranking over a video network. The screen output can be customised as required, including colours, sizes, columns and logos. Disciplines include: CSO, CSI, Dressage and Eventing.
  • Microgate Rei Pro Timer Side Microgate Rei Pro Timer
    Microgate have developed as a revolutionary professional chronometer: the first timer to feature fully digital connectivity (Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth), that gives you total precision while offering the versatility and flexibility to meet all professional timekeeping requirements. The new user interface couldn't be more simple, with a large touchscreen and easy connection or peripheral devices, such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Microgate Polifemo Radio Photocell Microgate Polifemo Photocell Side
    The Microgate Polifemo Photocell guarantees an extended range of over 30m with a reflector. The range can also be extended up to 90 metres when one beam head is used for reception and one for transmission. The photocell is available in various models including a light version which will operate up to 15m away from a reflector, an integrated radio model and double beam for athletics events.
  • Microgate ENC Radio Wireless Transmitter Single Frequency LinkGate Radio System ENC Radio Wireless Transmitter Multi Frequency
    The LinkGate radio transmission system is a state-of–the-art device for wireless transmission of sports timing signals. The system consists of a very small Encoder (for the transmission of impulses) which can be connected to any gate, photocell or device with a normally open contact, and a Decoder (for receiving the timing impulses). The LinkGate systems can also be used with Lynx System Developers FinishLynx photo-finish equipment.
  • MicroTab Light LED Display - Side View MicroTab Light LED Display
    The MicroTab Light LED is a simple display which is primarily designed to be connected with a photo-finish system or timing console.  It also features five internal stand-alone programs which allow the display to count-up, display time of day or time of day with date. The display is slightly smaller than the MicroTab LED making it lightweight and easy to transport.
  • MicroTab LED Display Side View MicroTab LED Display
    The MicroTab LED is the ideal choice for those looking for a single display board, but with numerous in-built features. Internal programs include count-up, count-down, time of day, lap counter, speed measurement, wind-display, parallel timer and more... The MicroTab can be easily connected with other modules to create a larger display, and then content can be managed via a Microgate chronometers or via a PC.
  • MicroGraph LED Display Two Modules MicroGraph LED Display Front
    The MicroGraph LED is an excellent display for events of any size, sport, or venue. This large and configurable LED scoreboard offers great flexibility and portability. Each MicroGraph module has an LED matrix of 128 x 32 and supports both text and images. MicroGraph can display up to three lines of alphanumeric characters, various font types, and characters up to 32cm (12.6″) in height.
  • The MicroSEM is an electromagnetic start system, which can be configured as a visual aid for the start of various sporting disciplines.  The main red, green and yellow sections are 7.5 x 9cm in size, which means they can be seen from a reasonable distance away, even on the brightest of days. The device can be controlled via the MicroBeep, dedicated side controls, PC connection or via the Rei Pro chronometer
  • The SEIKO ST306 display is an intelligent multi-functional timer which operates using 8x AA batteries.  It features count-up, count-down and scoring programs, which makes it ideal for displaying information to spectators, competitors and officials. It's particularly popular for use as a road race clock or for athletics to display the winning time as competitors cross the finish-line.
  • 1.2m stand for mounting either the Seiko ST306 sports timer, D-Line or GAZ5 display clock.
  • The WTN-DB is a wireless receiver which is designed to be used with Alge display boards.  It connects to other wireless timing network devices and displays results information from timing PC or chronometer.  It can also be used as hub to pass on data or timing impulses within the network via the unique mesh topology system. All devices act as transceivers, so no separate transmitters and receivers are necessary.  The more devices you use, the more reliable it gets.
  • Heavy duty flight case for the Seiko ST306 display clock.
  • The Seiko W073 stopwatch features a dual display with 10 lap/split memory. It has a silent timing mode, time/date feature, alarm and is water resistant.
  • The SEIKO Cal. S057 quartz Stopwatch  is a digital stopwatch featuring a lap/split time memory function that can store and recall up to 100 lap/split time data.
  • The SEIKO Solar S062 Stopwatch is a solar stopwatch featuring a lap time/split time memory function that can store and recall up to 100 lap/split time data, a time/calendar function and two separate displays for a double repeat timer function.
  • The SEIKO S141 Stopwatch is a digital 300 memory stopwatch which features stroke/frequency measuring functions. In addition, it is also water resistant and withstands up to 10 bar, making it ideal for aquatic sports or use in rainy weather.
  • The SEIKO S143 stopwatch is a digital stopwatch featuring a print-out function when connected to an SP12 printer.  The stopwatch is also equipped with a large-sized three-row display panel that can display split times, lap times and total elapsed time, or lap time in progress at the same time in separate rows. In addition the stopwatch is water resistant and can withstand up to 3 bar, making it ideal for aquatic sports or use in rainy weather.
  • The SEIKO SP12 External Printer connects directly to a range of SEIKO stopwatches, including the S123, S143 and S149 models.  The printer works in conjunction with the SEIKO S950 Thermal Paper Rolls.
  • The SEIKO S149 Stopwatch is a time measuring device with an integrated 300x memory. It can record and display lap and split time data, as well as printing information as required using the integrated printer.
  • Genuine SEIKO (S-950) thermal paper for use with the SEIKO S129 & S149 (stopwatches), SP11 & SP12 (printers).
  • Genuine SEIKO (S-951) thermal paper for use with the Large Paper Holder.
  • The SEIKO S141 Stopwatch Cover is a protective silicone shroud for the SEIKO S141 Stopwatch. Available in two different colours (blue or yellow), the cover is a great way of adding either additional protection or differentiating between your stopwatches.
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