• Colorado Time Systems GEN7 Legacy Timing Console in use Colorado Time Systems GEN7 Legacy Timing Console
    The GEN7 legacy timer is the core component of the Colorado Time Systems swimming timing solution.  It co-ordinates incoming and outgoing information from key components such as the electronic start system, touchpads, back-up buttons and scoreboards. The unit is dedicated solely to timing and scoring, which improves your ability to run an event with confidence.
  • Colorado Time Systems Dolphin Stopwatch Colorado Dolphin Timing System
    Dolphin is a proven wireless timing system, compatible with most meet management programs. Dolphin provides wireless stopwatch-style and semi-automatic timing for swimming competitions. It significantly reduces the amount of effort required to run a meet and manage data. By transferring all timing data wirelessly, the system has improved accuracy compared to manual stopwatches.
  • Colorado Time Systems Start System Microphone Colorado Time Systems Infinity Start System
    The Infinity start system from Colorado Time Systems is the most widely used electronic start system in the swimming World.  It is easy to use, designed specifically for the harsh environment, and hands down the best choice for smaller swimming pools and swimming clubs. Each Infinity Start System comes with a wired microphone and mains charger.
  • Colorado Time Systems Start System Microphone Colorado Championship Start System
    The Championship Start System from Colorado Time Systems is designed to power speakers within the starting blocks, as well as speedlights within the relay judging platform for a visual start signal (which helps accustom your swimmers to the kind of start system used at championship meets). Each Championship Start System comes with a wired microphone and mains charger.
  • Colorado Cable Harness

    The Colorado Cable Harness is typically used when a permanent connection system has not been installed into the pool during the construction process. The harness is quick and easy to install and connects the System 6 and GEN7 timing consoles to the start system, touchpads and push buttons.  There are a number of different sizes available dependant on the number of lanes being used.
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    The Colorado Push Button is used as a touchpad backup by a finish judge at the end of a race, it can also be used instead of a Touchpad.
  • Replacement microphone for Colorado Time Systems’ Infinity and Championship Start Systems. Comes with 25′ of power cable.
  • The Colorado TR-3 Tripod is designed to be used with the Colorado Infinity or Championship Start System. The tripod height is 1.25m
  • The External Strobe is designed to be used with the Colorado Time Systems Infinity Start System.  It comes complete with 125ft cable and will flash to signify the start of a race, ideal for swimmers who are hard of hearing.
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    The 40Watt external speaker is designed to be used in conjunction with the Colorado Infinity start system.   No additional power is required as the start system can drive one external speaker as standard. Just plug the jack into the relevant connection and position the unit as required. Available with either 125ft cable
  • Colorado Touchpad Installed into a Turning Board Colorado Touchpad
    Colorado Time Systems Touchpads have been used in competition in every continent on the globe.  The pads are lighter in weight than other manufacturers, making it easier for one person to insert and remove the touchpads for a meet; and avoiding any major damage if accidentally dropped on the pool deck or the bottom of the pool. Dependable, internally sealed switches record even the lightest swimmers’ touch on the fully active face of all CTS touchpads, and along the top edge of the gutter-mounted pads.  You get an accurate finish every time with no “dead spots.”
  • The Colorado Portable LED Scoreboard from Colorado Time Systems is an affordable and highly portable solution for swimming clubs and smaller facilities.  It provides the same information as the larger scoreboards, at a quarter of the size. Features:
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Includes legs and handle for easy portability
    • Tripod mountable
    • Optional battery operation
    • Can be stacked to create multi-line auxiliary scoreboard, or entry-level scoreboard solution
    • Viewing distance: at least 50 m
    • Displays data from the CTS GEN7, Systems 6 and 5, as well as the pace clock controller (UPC-C)
    • Compatible with the Dolphin system through the new Dolphin Scoreboard Adapter
  • The Colorado Otter Scoreboard for swimming features integrated 2.4GHz wireless technology and is half the width of standard LED-R electronic scoreboards, making them an ideal solution for tight spaces or as an auxiliary electronic scoreboard within your facility. This sleek design offers wired or wireless communication with your CTS timing console, and wireless communication with your Dolphin Timing System.  Otter electronic scoreboards can be used as a permanent or portable solution depending on your needs.  Weather-proof digits and electronics are housed in a powder-coated aluminium chassis, which provides excellent corrosion resistance.  Each scoreboard is shipped as one piece for ease of handling and installation.
  • Freelap FXSwim Transponder - Front View Freelap Swim Training System for Swimming
    The Freelap Swimming Training System is a wireless timing system designed to monitor the lap-times and heart rate of swimmers within the pool. It can be used by a single swimmer to monitor their own performance or by a coach with multiple athletes at the same time. The training pack includes: • 1 x FXSwim • 1 x Swim Belt • 1 x H20 Pro Transmitter • 1 x Swim Vest • 1 x Freelap User Guides • 1 x Compact Canvas Case
  • The Timing Wall Plate from Colorado Time Systems is connection plate designed for permanent installation within the swimming pool.  Mounted to the wall, the Timing Wall Plate houses all of the permanent wiring for the swimming timing system. This permanent installation helps reduce the set-up time required for a swimming gala, but also reduces the on-deck cabling around the pool.
  • The Titanium Deck Plate from Colorado Time Systems is a connection plate designed for permanent installation within the swimming pool.  Fixed to the floor, the Titanium Deck Plate has connections for all of the core timing system components which are used within each lane of the swimming pool during a competition.
  • The Colorado Wireless Tabletop Controller features an operating distance up to 1,000 ft., buttons with tactile dome feedback, and a large transflective LCD screen that is easily readable in all environments from darkness to bright sunlight. The controller includes a built-in real time clock to keep time of day. Supported sports; baseball, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling. For Water Polo, Colorado Time Systems has integrated the new FINA rules Amendment#1:  WP20:
  • The Colorado Deck Clock is an excellent deck side display solution, cleverly designed to prevent tipping. The deck clock features a ruggedized polyethylene enclosure that is water and sun resistant and completely corrosion free. The built-in handle allows for easy carrying from point to point.  
  • The Pace Clock Pro / Shot Clock is a multifunctional display unit which can be used for everyday training, a basic pace clock, or as a shot clock for water-polo games.  The unit includes 15 training modes to fine-tune skills and create customised workouts for your swimmers.  
  • Colorado LED Video Screen - Corby Pool Colorado LED Video Screen - Oundle School
    Colorado Time Systems offers a comprehensive line of LED video displays designed to suit your unique needs.  Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor video display for sporting events or commercial needs, our team is here to help you maximize your investment and provide an engaging experience for your audience. Each Colorado LED Video Screen comes complete with CTS DisplaylinkPlus (DL+) software, which is a dynamic interface program designed specifically for LED video displays. DisplayLink plus provides robust integration of scoring, timing, graphics, and animations to your video display.
  • Colorado Time Systems’ Relay Judging Platform technology is the most accurate way to judge relay exchanges, and provides a fair start to hearing impaired athletes. When attached to a swimming start block the Relay Judging Platform is designed to detect swimmers who leave their blocks early.  The relay judging platform can also be used as a training tool to measure start reaction times, take-over times etc... (when used with a Colorado Pace Clock Pro).
  • Colorado Time Systems developed the Training Keypad (TK) to help train operators of the GEN7, System 6 and System 5 Swimming Timing Consoles. The TK lets you simulate touchpad and “A” pushbutton hits -- which means that you don’t have to set up the real touchpad, pushbuttons, cable harnesses, and start systems to train your operators, allowing you to train anywhere.
  • Colorado Touchpad Caddy - Side View Colorado Touchpad Caddy
    Protect your touchpad investment!!  Touchpads are an expensive component of a swimming timing system, which is why it is important they are stored properly when not in use.  Our touchpad caddy provides safe storage and a convenient means to transport your touchpads to and from the pool deck. The caddy can accommodate up to ten (10) touchpads and is designed for the pool environment.  Complete with caster wheels, moving the touchpad's around easy and when in position the wheels can be locked to stop the caddy moving.
  • Your Relay Judging Platforms from Colorado Time Systems are precision timing devices that require protection. The Relay Judging Platform Caddy provides a convenient and easy way to store and transport up to 10 Relay Judging Platforms to and from the pool deck.
  • The test meter is a tool to help you quickly troubleshoot a variety of equipment issues with your swim timing system. You can use it to test touchpads, pushbuttons, cable harnesses, deck plates and your timing console’s scoreboard output.
  • Freelap FXSwim Transponder - Rear View Freelap FXSwim Transponder - Front View
    The Freelap FxSwim transponder records and transmits your lap times and heart rate live during training. • Lap times and rest times: the FxSwim transponder detects the Tx H2O Pro transmitter as the swimmer enters the detection field, and then instantly transmits all timing data via bluetooth to your mobile device (via MyFreelap app – free download on App Store and Google Play Store). • Heart rate: the FxSwim receives heartrate data from the Swim Belt. This data is recorded and transmitted automatically, and continuously via bluetooth to your mobile device.
  • Freelap TX H20 Pro Transmitter Bottom Freelap TX H20 Pro Transmitter
    Completely wireless and automatic, the TX H20 Pro transmitter lets you obtain consistently accurate lap and rest times when used with other Freelap products. Compact and very easy to use, simply turn it on and to place it onto the starting block or side of the pool. As the FxSwim transponder comes to the end of the pool the times are logged and transmitted back to the coach using the Freelap App.
  • Freelap Swim Belt - Swimming Heart Rate Monitor - Side View Freelap Swim Belt - Swimming Heart Rate Monitor
    The FREELAP Swim Belt is a made to measure heart rate monitor, specifically designed for swimming. Thanks to its unique design, the belt measures all the beats of the swimmer’s heartbeats during training. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the swimmer’s FxSwim transponder, which in turn continuously transmits the heart rate, via bluetooth on your mobile device (via MyFreelap app – free download on App Store and Google Play Store).
  • Freelap Swim Vest - Front View Freelap Swim Vest - Side View
    The Freelap Swim vest is designed to hold your FXSwim and Swim Belt in place during swimming training. The Swim Vest is available in 4 different sizes: XS, S, M and L. In order to choose the most suitable size for your body shape, please refer to our size guide.
  • Our Standard start block is designed to meet the needs of the ASA competitive start award and is made within the height tolerances specified by FINA. This swimming starting block is manufactured from 38mm mirror polished 316 stainless steel tubular framework with white glass fibre anti-slip top.  The floor fixing strap can be customised to fit existing fixings points within the pool. For deck-level pools the diving block can be used in conjunction with turning boards.
  • The TS17 Swimming Start Block with Adjustable Footrest is the latest addition to HS Sports portfolio. Sleek and stylish in design the block is a great addition to any swimming pool with a raised up-stand, or where there is a drop to the water. Integration is also possible with the Colorado Time Systems relay judging platforms, deck plates and speakers.
  • HS Sports TS16 swimming start block with the track start adjustable footrest is designed for use in both deck-level and raised end swimming pools.  The block comes complete with the popular adjustable footrest which helps to optimise swimmers performance during competition.  The footrest is designed to allow for the addition of Colorado Time Systems relay judging platform to measure take over times during swimming competitions. For deck level pools the block can be used in conjunction with turning boards to allow for the addition of touchpads and other timing equipment. The start block is also manufactured using 316 stainless steel which is best suited for the swimming pool environment.
  • The HS Sports Backstroke Start Wedge can be used during training and competition as a way for swimmers to get an explosive start without slipping.  The wedge is FINA-Compliant, and designed to allow swimmers to quickly select their desired starting position, while also ensuring judges can quickly remove the product from the water, ready for a finish. The wedge has been designed to work with the TS16, TS17 and other manufacturers diving blocks.
  • The Seiko W073 stopwatch features a dual display with 10 lap/split memory. It has a silent timing mode, time/date feature, alarm and is water resistant.
  • The SEIKO Cal. S057 quartz Stopwatch  is a digital stopwatch featuring a lap/split time memory function that can store and recall up to 100 lap/split time data.
  • The SEIKO Solar S062 Stopwatch is a solar stopwatch featuring a lap time/split time memory function that can store and recall up to 100 lap/split time data, a time/calendar function and two separate displays for a double repeat timer function.
  • The SEIKO S141 Stopwatch is a digital 300 memory stopwatch which features stroke/frequency measuring functions. In addition, it is also water resistant and withstands up to 10 bar, making it ideal for aquatic sports or use in rainy weather.
  • The SEIKO S143 stopwatch is a digital stopwatch featuring a print-out function when connected to an SP12 printer.  The stopwatch is also equipped with a large-sized three-row display panel that can display split times, lap times and total elapsed time, or lap time in progress at the same time in separate rows. In addition the stopwatch is water resistant and can withstand up to 3 bar, making it ideal for aquatic sports or use in rainy weather.
  • The SEIKO SP12 External Printer connects directly to a range of SEIKO stopwatches, including the S123, S143 and S149 models.  The printer works in conjunction with the SEIKO S950 Thermal Paper Rolls.
  • The SEIKO S149 Stopwatch is a time measuring device with an integrated 300x memory. It can record and display lap and split time data, as well as printing information as required using the integrated printer.
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