• Microgate Rei Pro Timer Side Microgate Rei Pro Timer
    Microgate have developed as a revolutionary professional chronometer: the first timer to feature fully digital connectivity (Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth), that gives you total precision while offering the versatility and flexibility to meet all professional timekeeping requirements. The new user interface couldn't be more simple, with a large touchscreen and easy connection or peripheral devices, such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Microgate Polifemo Radio Photocell Microgate Polifemo Photocell Side
    The Microgate Polifemo Photocell guarantees an extended range of over 30m with a reflector. The range can also be extended up to 90 metres when one beam head is used for reception and one for transmission. The photocell is available in various models including a light version which will operate up to 15m away from a reflector, an integrated radio model and double beam for athletics events.
  • Microgate Start Gate for Skiing with Fixings Microgate Start Gate for Skiing
    The Microgate Start Gate is a double contact start device which conforms with FIS regulations. The high temperature range (-40°C +85°C), high precision watertight switches (IP67) remove any delay between the two contacts. The start gate mechanism is designed to prevent activation while the wand is being repositioned, which helps increase the product lifetime whilst preventing any non-relevant impulses. The practical innovative connection system with stainless steel clamp enables rapid installation on any support. It has been specifically designed to be used with gloves and to guarantee maximum flexibility of regulation and adjustment. The wand resistance can be adjusted as required. The start gate is also available in an automatic bar-return version (recommended for self-timing systems
  • Microgate ENC Radio Wireless Transmitter Single Frequency LinkGate Radio System ENC Radio Wireless Transmitter Multi Frequency
    The LinkGate radio transmission system is a state-of–the-art device for wireless transmission of sports timing signals. The system consists of a very small Encoder (for the transmission of impulses) which can be connected to any gate, photocell or device with a normally open contact, and a Decoder (for receiving the timing impulses). The LinkGate systems can also be used with Lynx System Developers FinishLynx photo-finish equipment.
  • The MicroBeep is a configurable audible start device which is both compact and lightweight, and can be connected to the MicroSEM Start System. The membrane keyboard and alphanumeric display make it easy for users to set the cycle time, along with one of the following functions: • alpine skiing • nordic skiing • four different Rally modes for managing motor races, management and acquisition of false starts • custom configuration of the beeper and light sequence of the MicroSEM
  • MicroTab Light LED Display - Side View MicroTab Light LED Display
    The MicroTab Light LED is a simple display which is primarily designed to be connected with a photo-finish system or timing console.  It also features five internal stand-alone programs which allow the display to count-up, display time of day or time of day with date. The display is slightly smaller than the MicroTab LED making it lightweight and easy to transport.
  • MicroTab LED Display Side View MicroTab LED Display
    The MicroTab LED is the ideal choice for those looking for a single display board, but with numerous in-built features. Internal programs include count-up, count-down, time of day, lap counter, speed measurement, wind-display, parallel timer and more... The MicroTab can be easily connected with other modules to create a larger display, and then content can be managed via a Microgate chronometers or via a PC.
  • MicroGraph LED Display Two Modules MicroGraph LED Display Front
    The MicroGraph LED is an excellent display for events of any size, sport, or venue. This large and configurable LED scoreboard offers great flexibility and portability. Each MicroGraph module has an LED matrix of 128 x 32 and supports both text and images. MicroGraph can display up to three lines of alphanumeric characters, various font types, and characters up to 32cm (12.6″) in height.
  • The MicroSEM is an electromagnetic start system, which can be configured as a visual aid for the start of various sporting disciplines.  The main red, green and yellow sections are 7.5 x 9cm in size, which means they can be seen from a reasonable distance away, even on the brightest of days. The device can be controlled via the MicroBeep, dedicated side controls, PC connection or via the Rei Pro chronometer
  • Microgate Pressure Switch for Motorsport Microgate Pressure Switch for Cycling
    The Microgate Pressure Switch is designed to be affixed to the floor for motor racing or cycling applications.  When the vehicle / bicycle passes over the switch a pulse is sent into the timing system which logs a start, split or finish time as required. The materials used to manufacture the pressure switches were chosen very carefully to ensure optimal operation in almost all conditions.
  • Setup of the Microgate Racetime2 Radio L Kit Microgate Racetime2 Radio L Kit
    The new Racetime2 Light Radio Kit has been designed primarily for training applications, such as sprints, shuttle runs, resistance and set courses.  It is extremely ease of use, quick to setup, and best of all no cables are required. The radio module is embedded into the photocell and can be used wherever you like as it requires no license. The bundle comes complete with material bag
  • The Microgate START PAD is a floor plate which is sensitive to pressure, and can be connected with all the Microgate timers by radio or cable. It is perfect for all those applications in which it difficult to use a photocell for receiving a start input. Depending on the settings on the timer, the Start Pad can be used as a normally open contact (the impulse is created when the touch pad contacts close) or normally closed contact (the impulse is created when the touch pad contacts reopen). The pressure-sensitive Start Pad is ideally suited for measuring the start of run in tests and training sessions.
  • MicroLink Software 2 MicroLink Software
    MicroLink is a software application created to rapidly transfer stored data from Microgate chronometers to the PC and vice versa. The main feature of the software is simplicity of use: it is the ideal tool for managing races and training sessions in the various sport disciplines. The program makes it possible to prepare lists of competitors (also subdivided into groups) and start orders, and transfer them directly into the chronometer. It also enables the user to receive data acquired by the chronometer, manage and print.
  • ENQUIRE PRODUCT £POA MiSpeaker is a professional software created for the management of various sport disciplines (winter sports, show jumping, swimming, etc.). It allows dynamic real-time viewing on PC of running time, best time, time to beat, rankings, start lists, disqualified competitors, etc. As well as dynamic viewing of race data and the possibility of modifying them in real time, the main features of MiSpeaker are: • Simplicity of use – the immediate user interface and smart-help mode make it quick to learn to use • Customization – every part of the software can be configured to suit the user’s requirements • Compatibility – MiSpeaker is compatible not only with Microgate stopwatches but also with Alge and DigiTech products • Immediacy – displayboards can be rapidly and simply managed directly by MiSpeaker • Connectivity – MiSpeaker makes it possible to connect up to 4 different stopwatches to the PC for management of a single race, also remotely via modem or internet if it is not possible to connect one or more stopwatches to the computer with cables • Multi-functionality –MiSpeaker makes it possible to view special windows designed specifically to enable juries and commentators to consult all the race data in real time • Versatility – MiSpeaker allows rapid data import and export in other formats (Excel, CSV, DBF, Matrix, etc.) and automatic calculation of race scoring for international competitions
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