• The HST407 Start transducer is designed to be used with the Finishlynx photo-finish timing system.  It houses a sensor which listens for the sound of a blank firing pistol and converts this into a start pulse, which in turn starts the timing system To keep the product as flexible as possible the start transducer can be switched from a normally open to a normally closed contact.
  • Box of Safety Pins Safety Pins Bundled in 4's
    There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down and sorting race safety pins into bundles of 4 so that competitors receive the correct quantity to attach their race and rider bibs / numbers. That is why HS Sports now supply boxes of 1000 safety pins ready connected into batches of 4, saving you time and money. Box of 1000x Race Safety Pins bundled in 4's.
  • Our Standard start block is designed to meet the needs of the ASA competitive start award and is made within the height tolerances specified by FINA. This swimming starting block is manufactured from 38mm mirror polished 316 stainless steel tubular framework with white glass fibre anti-slip top.  The floor fixing strap can be customised to fit existing fixings points within the pool. For deck-level pools the diving block can be used in conjunction with turning boards.
  • The TS17 Swimming Start Block with Adjustable Footrest is the latest addition to HS Sports portfolio. Sleek and stylish in design the block is a great addition to any swimming pool with a raised up-stand, or where there is a drop to the water. Integration is also possible with the Colorado Time Systems relay judging platforms, deck plates and speakers.
  • HS Sports TS16 swimming start block with the track start adjustable footrest is designed for use in both deck-level and raised end swimming pools.  The block comes complete with the popular adjustable footrest which helps to optimise swimmers performance during competition.  The footrest is designed to allow for the addition of Colorado Time Systems relay judging platform to measure take over times during swimming competitions. For deck level pools the block can be used in conjunction with turning boards to allow for the addition of touchpads and other timing equipment. The start block is also manufactured using 316 stainless steel which is best suited for the swimming pool environment.
  • The HS Sports Backstroke Start Wedge can be used during training and competition as a way for swimmers to get an explosive start without slipping.  The wedge is FINA-Compliant, and designed to allow swimmers to quickly select their desired starting position, while also ensuring judges can quickly remove the product from the water, ready for a finish. The wedge has been designed to work with the TS16, TS17 and other manufacturers diving blocks.
  • Heavy duty flight case for the Seiko ST306 display clock.
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