There may not be many active sports events taking place at the moment, but it’s great to see some motorsport coming back!!

Nifty Fifty were one of the first organisers to get wheels on the track with one of their charity events, where teams of up to 4 riders enter to complete as many laps as they can on a specially prepared off-road circuit on the outskirts of Winchester in Hampshire.

Each team has selected a charity of their own choice and will be aiming to collect sponsorship and donations for each lap of the circuit that they complete during the 5hr event. They will have to navigate small jumps and climbs and try to overcome all adversities during the event and endeavour to keep their little machines going right to the end.
The machines being used once started life as road machines, and have been adapted for this event by way of minor modifications such as off-road pattern tyres and the removal of lights and mirrors. The simple rules ensure that each team can compete against each other fairly and that the cost of competing is kept to a minimum.